Girl with purple hair stands in front of a lavender painting

Kirsten of Tramp Art Studios

Seeing the Future with Stacey Abrams

Cooked corn, sausage, potatoes, crawfish float at the top of the pot.

Seafood Boil & Fish Fry: An Unconventional Christmas Dinner

Find out the story behind this delicious holiday dinner here!

Revival – Decatur

Thomas's art has been described​ as asemic and is reminiscent of hieroglyphics.

Anomalous Art Gallery Opening

Anomalous Art Gallery was founded and curated by Thomas Jordan. It had an opening in a historic home last month and featured some talented artists!

Belon poses against a wall with arms stretched flat against it. Behind her is graffiti art and a short letter that reads: "Dear Baby, this is real, and we're the best. You take my breath away. I'm going home soon. I can feel it...With All My Love"

Graffiti Portraits with Belon

​Savannah lends itself to many artistic, charming, and even urban backdrops. The photos of Belon at this old milk factory turned graffiti art complex are very vibrant and dynamic as well as gritty and glamourous.

Hannah's arms crossed, first third, eyes lifted.

Professional Photos with Hannah

Professional portraits are just as fun as as glamour photos. Check out a few more of the photos from Hannah’s professional portrait session!

Redwoods at Muir Woods National Park

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

A Photograph on the Beltline

Smiles at Ponce City Market, Atlanta

A Spring Portrait in Savannah

Silk Tissue Acrobatics in Ponce City Market

Ice Cream in Philly

A Moment in Miami Beach

Impromptu Portraits in Roswell

An Atlanta Bridal Shower

Rock and Roll Marathon, Savannah, GA

John Davis Florist, Savannah, GA