An Atlanta Bridal Shower

Well, my to-do list is getting longer and longer! As I challenge myself to prioritize the most important things first, I find that the problem is that everything is important to me right now! Often I find myself wishing that I could do two things at once or be two places at one time (if I could have any super power this would be it!). Since that is impossible, I’ve tasked myself with  completing projects one at a time (kind of 😉 ).

I’ve been meaning to post the pictures from my friend’s bridal shower to the website. These photos are some of the first of their kind with me experimenting as an event photographer. Looking back over a year later, I find that I’m impressed by their quality. As my own worst critic, I feel some of the photos could have been better: Why didn’t I do more overhead shots of the food and drinks? What kept me from being more experimental with the portraits? Why on earth didn’t I take advantage of the natural light?Sigh. You live and you learn!

Written Well Wishes to the Bride-to- Be


Sometimes no matter how critical I am of myself (read: my photography), it’s a significant step in my progress to view photos in retrospect as it helps me to focus on the techniques I need to explore and practice. Past photos are an inspiration because if those photos were mediocre at least, there’s still room for improvement, right?
All of that to say that I’m rather proud of these photos, and I think my friend/ client is happy with them too! I love the ambiance that they’re captured in and the intimacy of the scene in general.

Small jars of salt and sugar scrubs–the perfect bridal shower favors!


Every event has its own unique feel and photographic personality, and ultimately I’m intrigued by the challenge each event poses. I’m hoping to practice the skills necessary to prepare for and capture the essence of every occasion as an event photographer.

What have you learned (or wish you knew more about) when it comes to your craft or hobby?



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