Ponce City Market

For Thanksgiving weekend I took a much need mini vacation to my home away from home, away from home–Atlanta! 😉

I made plans to meet with some friends at Ponce City Market and arrived early to walk around and explore before they arrived.

I couldn’t believe I’d never been before!  The market and atmosphere reminded me of other city markets I’ve visited like Reading Terminal in Philly (they have good ice cream!) and The Ferry Building in San Francisco (they have ah-mazing empanadas at El Porteno).

People were everywhere shopping, dining, and dancing, and the crowd could easily sweep you this way or that if you weren’t familiar with your surroundings. As I sat waiting for my friends to arrive I heard what I assumed to be a mother telling her adult daughter, “Now this is my kind of place. I’m so happy you brought me here!”

Indeed there’s something about city markets that make you feel the spirit of a city. They’re like a cross section of a metropolis that showcase so many amazing cultural elements. From the languages to the smells to the tastes and the people, it’s a fun energy to witness!

Once my friends arrived, we ate and had drinks at Brezza Cucina + Pizzeria, a chic Italian pizza place with very photographic cocktails. 😋

Almost too pretty to drink, eh?

Then we walked upstairs to access the Beltline, which is a wonderful greenway that circles the city of Atlanta. Skaters, bikers, walkers, joggers and strollers alike use this wonderful area, and it was nice to see so many people moving about on a crisp fall day after Thanksgiving.

I’ve been seeing the Beltline on the Instagrams for some time now 😉, so it’s only right that I bothered my friends to model for a few photographs. Luckily, they’re not difficult to convince!



We actually didn’t get far on the Beltline before we stopped to peruse Paris on Ponce, a vintage store/venue with art, furniture, and oh yes, champagne with cotton candy. Atlanta never disappoints  🙂


Until my visit to Ponce City Market,  I had no idea that people actually went to visit The Grinch much like they visit Santa Claus during the holidays. We didn’t get a chance to see him, but we did see a Who performing Silk Tissue Acrobatics.


I think I will make it a habit to visit city and farmer’s markets wherever I travel. Needless to say, they make awesome photo walks and are great places to people watch and experience a city’s culture. 
What do you like about city markets?

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