Glowing Moments

Not everything shines.

Our phones, our watches, our accessories, our computer screens, the traffic lights, the tv screen…they all shine. With how distracted we are by the various devices that rule our lives make our lives easier, we may gloss over some fleeting moments of beauty, ignoring their merit on the spectrum.

The unconventional beauty is in the glow.

It’s the moon; it’s the unfamiliar face you see; it’s the thing you just learned about yourself that makes you happy! Some things, ideas, and people have an allure all their own. Maybe it caught your attention on second thought, beneath the surface, or idiosyncratically– and that’s ok. Some things strike you like that.

Stay open to those glowing moments.

Early morning sunlight glows on the ground of a parking deck.
You can find glow in the most unsuspecting places.




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