Glowing Moments

Not everything shines.

Our phones, our watches, our accessories, our computer screens, the traffic lights, the tv screen…they all shine. With how distracted we are by the various devices that rule our lives make our lives easier, we may gloss over some fleeting moments of beauty, ignoring their merit on the spectrum.

The unconventional beauty is in the glow.

It’s the moon; it’s the unfamiliar face you see; it’s the thing you just learned about yourself that makes you happy! Some things, ideas, and people have an allure all their own. Maybe it caught your attention on second thought, beneath the surface, or idiosyncratically– and that’s ok. Some things strike you like that.

Stay open to those glowing moments.

Early morning sunlight glows on the ground of a parking deck.
You can find glow in the most unsuspecting places.




According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, the word vision can be defined in many ways:

– something that you imagine : a picture that you see in your mind

-2a: the act or power of imagination

-4b :  a lovely or charming sight

Some girlfriends and I were celebrating one friend’s bachelorette weekend in Miami last year. We were blessed with awesome weather; the sun was beaming down without a threatening cloud, and we had miles and miles of North Miami beach all to ourselves.

We were elated because the beach was footsteps from our rented vacation house. Without much effort, we found a sandbar on which to sit to enjoy the water, the view, and each other’s company.


The water was beautifully turquoise yet perfectly clear, very unlike any water I’ve seen on other Atlantic coast beaches. I was struck by the watercolors of the waves as they progressed toward and then receded away from us. My eyes lingered on the saturated blue of the sky, the intermittent tufts of pure white clouds, and the miles of pale yellow sand. I was particularly captivated by the golden seaweed that floated on the surface and tickled our toes. So much of it floated near the shore that as we waded out of the water and back onto the hot sand, I felt an overwhelming urge to capture its essence!  I knew exactly how I wanted the image to look: envisioning a handful of seaweed against the backdrop of watercolors, I asked a friend to hold two handfuls so I could snap a photo.

As I peered through the viewfinder to see the seaweed cascading from her hand, I knew this photograph would be something special.  It is one of the few times that I have been able to manifest a photograph  JUST as I had envisioned it.


This photo signifies what I believe all artists and creatives recognize as sweet success: the evidence of imagination and affirmation of our belief in our creative ability.

To my surprise this photo became the most liked on my newly created Instagram account– it was trending for weeks after its post, and those who see my work now almost always recall it as a favorite photograph.

Creating this image heartened my belief in my creativity! And in retrospect, I know this is where I fell in love with my own vision and what I like to call my personal quest and desire to “manifest imagery.”