Diamond Diana / Emerald Erinn

Some album covers are just iconic. I don’t buy CDs as much as I used to, but when I was younger the first thing I would do when I finally removed the pesky plastic and stickers from the cd case was flip through the pages of the cover booklet. I was always looking for the printed lyrics first (not always a guaranteed feature!) and was eager to read the credits of the songwriters and producers. I adored the artwork as well and always wondered how the photographer or graphic designer conceptualized such beautiful images and art.

The idea to recreate my favorite album covers came to me about a year ago. I romanticized the idea of all my friends showing up for a day-long photo shoot where everyone would bring their ideas and outfits, and I would be behind the camera taking pictures later to be edited to imitate our favorite album covers.

Alas, only one of my friends showed up for that shoot, but I’m so happy with the results anyway! She chose Diana Ross’ Diamond Diana cover. The hair blown effect took us a few tries to master as we didn’t have a fan. The photographer I rented the studio from was nice enough to use a posterboard to fan Erinn several times until we got the photo just right.

In editing I decided to do an “Emerald Erinn” cover, opting for a greenish tint instead of Diana Ross’ red-brownish tint.

The photos that follow are the wonderful images that happen when your friend is super photogenic and is waiting patiently for her photographer friend to get the light and camera settings just right. 😉

Thank you for the portfolio boost, Erinn!



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