Food Photography

Last year I took a food photography class at the Atlanta School of Photography. As a student in this workshop, I was allowed access to Decatur’s southern food restaurant Revival, which prides itself on its Sunday dinner menu. The class was certainly a treat (no pun intended!) as we were allowed access to the restaurant before its hours of operation so the food was fresh and we had plenty of time to practice!

Aside from simply taking photos of the food, I received instruction in food styling, beverage photography, and creating and capturing the atmosphere. Please read my post about it on my other blog,, here.

In the wake of this class, I was inspired to take photos of my Nana’s homemade sweet potato pies on Thanksgiving, and on Christmas, our unconventional decision to have a seafood boil for dinner instead of the traditional turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce type of meal.

Whenever I travel, I’m inspired to take photos of the meals I eat as well as the fresh food in the markets of the places that I visit. Sometimes I have my Nikon D3300 with me and sometimes I only have my iPhone. Either way, I find that I enjoy using the available light to my advantage to create an appetizing photo.

I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I spent one whole day exploring the Douro River Valley in Portugal which is the home of the country’s renowned port wine. The grapes that grow there are picturesque and were incredibly beautiful to photograph.

Whether on the dinner table or in a market, food signifies a culture’s narrative and a family’s tradition. As a digital storyteller, I welcome the opportunity to photograph such an iconic representation of culture, creative expression, and fellowship while creating beautiful and savory images.

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