Seafood Boil & Fish Fry: An Unconventional Christmas Dinner

Cooked corn, sausage, potatoes, crawfish float at the top of the pot.
Corn, sausage, potatoes (submerged), and crawfish are ready to eat.
The top of the pot lifts slightly from the rim of the pot as the seafood boil rises to the top of the pot.
The seafood boil is ready!
Overhead photo of the pot of seafood boil.
Overhead view of the cooking seafood boil.
Photo of smoke rising from a rectangular pan filled with hot grease.
Smoke rises from the pan as we prepare to add more fish to the fry.
A rectangular pan that contains seasoned uncooked tilapia and catfish.
Seasoned catfish, tilapia, and catfish fillets ready to be fried.
Overhead photo of rectangular pan with hot fish grease.
I held my iPhone tight as I took this overhead photo of bubbling fish grease!
Lifting a tilapia fillet from the fish fry.
Taking the fish from the hot crease.
A catfish fillet is removed from the pan.
Fried catfish fresh from the pan.
Small aluminum pan with corn, fried fish, fried shrimp, potatoes, crab legs, and a small dish of garlic butter.
Traditional plates were much too conservative for this kind of dinner!

Find out the story behind this delicious holiday dinner here!

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