An Unconventional Christmas Dinner

My family is traditional when it comes to holiday dinners. We usually do a combination of turkey, ham, and Cornish hen along with dressing, greens of some variety (collards, turnips, mustard), macaroni and cheese (except for one year when it was somehow forgotten! Like, what??), candied yams, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie.

Who doesn’t love this kind of dinner? It’s always a treat and something I look forward to all year, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together, I’ve always craved something a little different once Christmas rolls around.

So imagine my excitement when it was decided that this year instead of the traditional dinner, we would have a fish fry and a seafood boil! 😋

Most of the cooking took place out on the patio, and even though it was 47 degrees outside, I grabbed my camera, my gloves, and my coat and headed outside to photograph the progress of what promised to be a delicious dinner!

We started with the corn, crawfish, sausage, potatoes (which are submerged in the pot), and shrimp (added last).

Corn, sausage, potatoes (submerged), and crawfish are ready to eat.
The seafood boil is ready!
Overhead view of the cooking seafood boil.

Meanwhile, we boiled the crab legs in a separate pot!

And lastly, we fried the catfish fillets, catfish nuggets, tilapia, and shrimp.

Smoke rises from the pan as we prepare to add more fish to the fry.
A rectangular pan that contains seasoned uncooked tilapia and catfish.
Seasoned catfish, tilapia, and catfish fillets ready to be fried.
I held my iPhone tight as I took this overhead photo of bubbling fish grease!


Lifting a tilapia fillet from the fish fry.
Taking the fish from the hot crease.
A catfish fillet is removed from the pan.
Fried catfish fresh from the pan.

The entire family agreed that this is one of the best holiday meals we’ve ever had! Dinner was cooked just right, was warm enough for the unseasonably chilly Christmas Day, and was bountiful enough for everyone to go back for seconds and even thirds!

Traditional plates were much too conservative for this kind of dinner!

Dinner was too big for traditional plates, so we all ate out of pans like these (no shame here!) with little dishes on the side for garlic butter. I’m telling you, it was delicious!

This seemed to be such a big hit, I’m sure we’ll do it again for another family holiday!
I can’t wait to see how we continue to get creative with our dinners together!

What’s was your favorite holiday dinner over the holidays?