& Then There Was Flash

In photography, natural light is king, in-camera flash is public enemy number one, and off-camera flash is your bffl (best friend fo’ life). These are facts.

The benefits of having an off-camera flash are evident the first time you master taking a photo with one; It’s like striking gold! Manifesting a clear picture with little noise and exposure in all the right places is literally perfection! 👌

After finding some good resources on Pinterest one night (and taking a few experimental photos of my living room), I decided to look for a workshop or a class where I could properly learn and develop the fill flash technique.

At a workshop in Marietta, GA, I used off-camera flash along with some other photo gear I’ve never used before (but will probably one day buy) to make some creative and interesting portraits!



“These photos were taken with flash?” you ask. You bet! The light is amazing, right? 🙂

It’s just the right amount of flash power– not too much and not too little. It takes some practice to master this technique (I still don’t have it down completely), but I can already tell that it’s one of those things that, as you get more familiar with it, becomes second nature.

I got a little creative toward the end of the class and took some photos using more dramatic and directional light.




Maybe you can tell already, but I like my photos to be a little underexposed (hence why I adore the look of the photos above). A little drama keeps the frame interesting! 😉

You can check out Atlanta School of Photography’s website here. They have awesome workshops and ongoing classes in all areas and genres of photography!