Daily Prompt: Relocate



How to relocate:

  1. Make the decision– This is the hardest part. If you’re doing it for a job, the decision is more logical and objective, but if it’s for love the decision is probably more subjective and the decision will come from the heart. Fuzzies or grizzlies. Your choice.
  2. Do the pre-work– This will include the very fun part of packing all of your stuff/selling all of your stuff/donating all/most of your stuff and deciding how to get it to your new destination. This will probably be the most physical of your labors during the whole ordeal.
  3. Relocate– Go on. The decision has been made now and there’s probably no turning back (well maybe, but it’ll cost ya). Move forward through the doubt and go into the unknown. Weather the discomfort or the excitement. Second-guess your choice or romanticize your decision. I did both. This will probably be the most mental of your labors.
  4. Arrive– yup! The choice has been made! You’re here now! Now what?
  5. Do the post-work– Are you moved in? Are you adjusting? Are you experiencing some discomfort? growth? nostalgia? Are you feeling the sacrifice, the trade-off? How does it feel? How did you think you’d feel back when you were in phase #4 romanticizing and/or second-guessing your decision? What a nice contrast from past to present. Then and now. This is human nature. This is relocation. No one told you that “relocation” is actually a rollercoaster in the theme park that is life. Yay. (This will probably be the most emotional of your labors).
  6. Consequence–[/ˈkänsikwəns/] v. meaning to go through the inevitable motions of a recently made decision. It is a noun that encompasses every single feeling you did or didn’t anticipate. It is an adjective because it describes your life now, however transitional. As in its traditional meaning, it is unforgiving but consequence is also a giver of opportunity. Now it is the catalyst for whatever change or decision you want to make next. A blank slate or a different slate, at least.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the steps in relocation, and now you have the chance to start anew!

Mobile photo of a black and white aerial map and two shoes.
Partial view of an aerial map of Atlanta, GA in 1949 courtesy of #weloveatl


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